Pembrokeshire Heraldic Crest
Pembrokeshire Heraldic Crest

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Free index searching for people by name, parish and place of birth is provided in order to encourage a wider access to Pembrokeshire both past and present. For further information please go to the Search page.

Supported by Pembrokeshire County Council and Licensed by The National Archives.

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Transcription of the Census of Pembrokeshire has been completed for the following years:

1891, 1881, 1871 and 1841.

1861 and 1851 will follow.

The Census includes Cardigan Town and other adjoining parts of Cardigan and Carmarthen counties

Accuracy rather than quantity has been our objective - the information has been checked by Welsh speakers and local residents and where necessary the data has been amended and annotated in order to make it more comprehensible.

Cenquest Research.

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M. M. S. Birch

Family History Researcher. Born and lives in Pembrokeshire


D. D. Jones

Archaeologist and Systems Engineer. Born Carmarthenshire, lived Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire.