The Black pool at Blackpool Mill
The Black pool at Blackpool Mill

Cenquest is privileged to have been selected to host material written and/or assembled by Mr. Basil H. J. Hughes. BA.

Mr. Hughes is a recognised authority on the history of Pembrokeshire and has published 11 books on the subject.


The material has been organised into 3 main categories.

Gazetteer: giving an often fascinating insight into the history of specific places in Pembrokeshire.

Research Topics: detail and discussion of interesting historical events, themes and periods.

Historical Individuals: some of the individuals and families from the historical sources.


Most of the Books and Sources used are listed in References: 


These materials represents significant resources for both local and family historians.

Due to circumstances, it is not possible for Mr. Hughes to proceed with research and editorial activities.

Cenquest feel that the value of the resource far outweighs any reservations due to typographical and editorial considerations.

Accordingly we will host texts that are available to us and worry about them being refined or polished at a later date.

We apologise in advance for any lack of permissions for contributions from third parties.


A Abercastle, Abercych, Abereiddi, Abermawr, Ambleston, Amroth, Angle & Bangeston.

B Bayvil, Begelly, Blackpool Mill, Bletherston, Boncath, Bosheston, Boulston, Brawdy, Bridell, Broadhaven, Burton Parish.

C Caerbwdi, Caldey Island, Camrose, CapelColman, Carew, Carn Meini, Carreg Samson, Carreg Wastad, Carswell, Castell Coch, Castellan, Castle Flemish, Castlebythe, Castlemartin, Cilgerran, Cilgwyn, Cilrhedyn, Clarbeston, Cylch-Mawr, Cylch Bychan, Cylch Gwaelod Y Wlad, Clydey, Coedcanlas, Cosheston, Creswell Quay, Crinow, Croesgoch, Cronware/Crunwere/Crunwear Crymych, Cwm-yr-Eglwys

D Dale, Dinas, Druidston, Dugledu Cantref.

E East Williamson, Eastington, Eglwyswrw, Eweston.

F Fishguard, Flimston, Freshwater East, Freshwater West, Freystrop.

G Goodwick Granston Gumfreston

H Haroldstone Haroldston West Hasguard Haverfordwest Hayscastle Henry's Moat Herbranstone Hodgeston Hook Hubberston Hundleton

J Jameston Jefferston Johnston Jordanston

K Kilgetty

L Lambston, Lampeter Velfry, Lamphey, Landshipping, Lawrenny & Cresswell, Letterston, Little Haven, Little Newcastle, Llandewi Velfrey, Llandeilo Llwydarth, Llandeilo, Llandeloy, Llanfair Nantygof, Llandissilio, Llanfair Nant Gwyn, Llanfallteg west, Llanfihangel Penbedw, Llanfyrnach, Llangan, Llangolman, Llangwm, Llanhowel, Llanllawer (Llanhawer), Llanreithan, Llanrhian, Llanstadwell, Llanstinan, Llantood, Llantyd, Llanvyrnach, Llanwnda, Llanycefn, Llanychaer, Llanychlwydog, Llawhaden, Llysyfran, Loveston, Ludchurch, Lydstep.

M Maenclochog, Manorbier, Manordeifi, Manorowen, Marloes, Martletwy, Mathry, Meline, Milford Haven (haven), Milford Haven (town), Milton, Minwear, Monkton, Mounton, Moylegrove, Mynachlogddu.

N Narberth, Nash, Nevern, Newcastle Emlyn, Newgale, New Moat, Newport, Newton North, Neyland and Llanstadwell, Nolton, Nolton Haven.

O Orielton

P Pant-Y-Phillip, Parc Y Meirw, Pembroke Dock, Pembroke Dock WW2, Pembroke, Pennally, Pennar, Penrieth,  Picton, Pontfaen,  Porthgain,  Prendergast, Puncheston, Pwllcrochan.

R Redberth,  Reynaldston, Rhoscrowther, Rickeston and Scotsborough, Robeston West, Robeston Wathen, Roch, Rosebush,  Rosemarket,  Rudbaxton.

S Saundersfoot, Scotsborough House, Slebech, Solva, Spittal, St Brides, St Daniels (Pembroke), St Davids, St Dogmaels, St Dogwells, St Edrins, St Elvis, St Florence, St Govans (Chapel), St Ishmaels, St Justinians, St Lawrence, St Nicholas, St Nons, St Petrox, St Twynnels, Stackpole, Steynton.

T Talbenny, Templeton, Tenby, Treffgarne, Trefloyne, Trevine.

U Upton, Uzmaston.

W Walton East, Walton West, Walwyns Castle, Warren, West Tarr, West Williamston, Whitchurch, Whitechurch, Wiston, Wolfscastle.

Y Yerbeston.

Research Topics

1083 - 1389    (An overview of the period).

1324 - 1323    (Includes highly detailed Manorial financial Accounts).

1389 - 1536

1536 - 1800


Burials    (What could be under there?)

Celtic Christianity

Charter Pembroke    (Richard II).

Civil War (Many individuals recorded, including of course Oliver Cromwell).

Coal    (In Pembrokeshire! - Begelly, Johnston, Roch).

Education    (Are you as smart as an 1847 schoolkid?)


Flemish    (Landsker Line and "fortune telling").

French Invasion    (of Fishguard).

Measurements (Units such as Carucates, Bovates, Acres, Marks and Florins).

Medicine    (Please no experimentation - could damage your health).

Oysters    (Pennar, Milford and Tenby).

Piracy    (Tudor - Elizabethan).

Saints    (The Age of the Celtic Saints).

Sinners    (Abbot and Monks of St Dogmells).

Ship building    (Some 271 naval ships were built in the Haven).

Welsh Houses    (Includes notes on "Tower houses" and fortified farms).

Woodworking Traditions    (Turning - bowls and fork handles?)


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Historical Individuals.


Brother Walter Robjoy    (Accomplished sinner)?


Geraldus Cambrensis (Gerald of Wales)


Lucy Walter    (Mistress of Charles II, mother of the Duke of Monmouth, ancestor of Princess Diana).


Peregrine Phillips    (Powerful Puritan Preacher).


Sir John Perrot    (Natural son of Henry VIII, patron of Haverfordwest).


Stephen Love    (A Londoner and wife Deborah, heroic in the face of Plague)?


Vaughans    (Comprehensive notes on this influential family).




There are many individuals mentioned by name in the texts. Some individuals, Kings and Bishops for example occur on many occasions.

Cenquest will endeavour to transfer this information assembled by Mr. Hughes into the searchable database. 

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