Victorian image of the Morgan Family from St Davids
The Morgan Family from St. Davids c 1900
Supplied by M S Birch

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Cenquest Database - what they said 

Thanks for your consideration and providing a wonderful ........ resource for Wales.    BH

.....kind and generous ....most people wouldn't take time to do that for a stranger.    SB

Thank you so very much,  I had spent ages on this family not getting anywhere as there were quite a few Martha's with father's William, but now I can go further. Thank you, You have made me very happy.  RR

This is absolutely fantastic !
I knew that Daniel became a master mariner and merchant. There were also Seaborn mariners at Fishguard who settled at Newport PEM. So a big thank you to you......    RD

Thanks so much Sylvia, not only for the expert advice but also for the 1871 census info: this was the only year I was not able to find my James Merrilees.........    DG

.............It's only after going through the data that I realize just how much wonderful detail is included: official numbers, port numbers (for fishing vessels - very important), precise berth or anchorage.  Wonderful!    BJ

Excellent site, thank you for helping to fill in the gaps!!    LM

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